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Scary Forest ($9.95 ONLY!)

Scary forest is an breakout-style game with a fun horror movie theme. You'll be able to play through 50 levels of various difficulty (full version only), or challenge your friend in a head to head 2 players mode.

The fullversion also features a level editor to edit your own levels! Unlimited replay value.

The available level types are 3: normal game, monsters level and timed level. In all playing modes, you win if you manage to clear the board from all the bricks.

The first mode plays like a normal breakout game with bonuses, etc. In the second mode, you also have to face some scary ghosts (well ok, not so scary!) that will try to stop you from clearing the level, but you'll be able to shoot them and push them away from the board.

In the timed level, the bricks will slowly fade down to you, and you must destroy them all before they reach you or you'll lose the level!

The most fun experience anyway is 2 players head to head play. Invite your friend and challenge him!


made with OpenGL


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